this blog is no longer active. it's been fun keeping this blog & being with you all. i hope you guys understand

how many chances i've wasted when what i wanted the most was to prove to everyone i didn't have to prove anything to anyone

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Anonymous: you inspire me so much <3

wow anon, thanks <3

Haii guys im back with my 3rd ff!! Yaaayyyy!!! As you know I post an ff for every thousand follower i gain to serve as a milestone. This one is delayed tho bc I wanted to post it during the holidays and bc tumblr is flooding with ff’s rn I decided to join in the ff season, hah! :D Speaking of, I want to greet each and everyone of you a HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, NEW YEAR!!! Ok now back to my ff, here’s a short list of some of the most awesome people ever to grace tumblr.

bolded are crushes<3

a-d: astrospace baekbiter baekyoons barbstar beautifulgeneration bhcys blindlyfooled buttaerfly carotte-chan cngeneration coldnoodles coordihyung crispynut

e-h: eorinwangja evonrun exolutely februarythirty florensic fqzpocky girl-groups heartae hersheyjerzey heylululu hityourheart hyosic hyotaeism hyoyeon hysoonkyu 

i-j: ibleedpastelpink icelemontae icepearls idiotae immortaeng jaekyng jennytaetae jesseseo jieuns joohyun-ah joohyun-s joungin junaes j-essicat

k-o: kaidashian kaiwaiisoo kandycute kimtae-tae la-rosa-del-sur menboongiya mikimiyuki monoka m-iyoung naerong ninepearls ninthwish noogieboogie onsicas

p-s: peeyeong pkthunders popcorntiff pornshidae ruby-sica sailorseo santaes seoguma seoooify seosicat  seo-hunnie seo-mate sicats snsdsowon snsd1k sonyuhs soonomi soosicat soo-shi soshiblaze soshikeychain

t-v: taeluly taengay taenypush taesunamo taetiseo taeyeontime telepany thepeppermintice tia-ssi tiffanytiamo tiff-mas tohososhi toldyouseo

w-z: wethesones whimsicalchild wu-fan yoonachan yosics younas yulbutt yultisic yurioppa yuri-aholic yuri-shi

0-9 0-fivethirty 1-800-soshi 4eversone

10/1000 pictures of Jung Soojung